We want to provide resources to
writers with unusual fictions to explore

We believe the current epoch would benefit from an archaic, mythological
thematic tradition that explores stories with more depth-psychological
and transformational themes, both individual and sociological.

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  • Years
  • Ages

Development Funding

We offer small early development grants to allow writers time and space to focus upon clarifying their ideas.

Writers' Retreat Space

We can provide accommodation in a peaceful Iberian town, near the birthplace of modern surrealism, in order to allow writers to disconnect from their usual surroundings in order to focus.

Development, Feedback, Option, Production

When we award grants to writers with promising ideas, we want to work with them to clarify, develop and refine their works. At the end of the process, we would like to option selected works for potential production.

What Are We Looking For?

It is often the case that we will know it when we see it, however
perhaps some of the following prompts resonate.

  • Profound Ideas

    What does it mean to be human? What does it mean it be? And what could we become? After crisis and collapse comes something else. Can you envision it?

  • Tranformational Themes

    Many theatrical narratives involve the re-establishment of order. We are interested in the usurping of establishment, in personal and sociological tranformation.

  • Intelligence

    Stories with room for audience projection, stories which don't resolve neatly enough to be forgotten, stories which don't underestimate their audience's intelligence.

  • Exploration Of Consciousness

    The modern mind is a recent construct. There are others ways of thinking, of interacting with the world. We have come so far in the holocene. How far have we yet to go?

  • Mature Stories

    The current swathe of stories inspired by The Hero's Journey has its place - modelling adolescent maturation. But what comes next?

  • Beyond Conflict

    Stories of the trimuph of good or evil propegate the dialectic. There is always a third way. Transformation is a story to explore.

Do You Want To Go Deeper?

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