Project Information

A New Fund

Aeonic is a new independent fund interested in discovering, developing, producing and distributing cinematic and new media stories for an underserved audience that hunger for more thoughtful, challenging and profound themes. We hope, along the way, that we will grow that audience.


Aeonic has some financial resources and are securing additional investment. We also have access to a studio and retreat which allows creators undisturbed time away from day-to-day life in order to think more deeply.


Aeonic partner with Complexity for creative, development and production purposes.


"The aeon is a child building empires in eternal sand."

Contact And Proposals

If our mission and our themes resonate with you, and you feel you have a project that may be of interest, please in the first instance send an email with a brief introduction about yourself and your project. Include:

  • Your Role And Experience
  • Project Title
  • Project Status (concept, development, outline, treatment, screenplay)
  • How The Project Is Relevant To Our Mission
  • What You Are Seeking

Please do not send synopses, treatments, screenplays, looks-books, large attachments or any other Unsolicited Materials in your initial query. If your proposal intrigues us we will ask for further material in due course. Please read our policy and disclaimer about Unsolicited Materials here.